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Play International Matka On line Game Dummy and Win Fake Money. No Minimum Deposit & No Withdrawal. Full Time Pass Matka Gambling for Single ANK Only. No Payments on anyway via PayTM, Airtle Money, PhonePe or Bank Account. Play Matka On line from anywhere in the World. Create Register User ID and Instant 1000 points on account & play online Matka now. Before loosing real money on matka, play your bets on this online site 15 to 30 days on your calculated and predicted guess and see whether you are capable of playing like matka boss with real moeny or not. Golden Matka is a poison for life, so handson this site before go for real betting.

* Bet Single ANK (1:9)
* No Deposit & No Withdraw
* No Payments (within 5 min)
* Invite Your Friends & Earn

इस साइट पे आईडी बनाए और साथ ही साथ आपने यूज़र अकाउंट पे १००० पायंट्स पाए| मटका पे कई लोगों ने कितने पैसे गवा दिए| इसीलिए असली पैसे से मटका खेलने से पहले हमारे इस साइट पे आपके द्वारा किए गये गेस आँकड़ा को खेलकर देखे की आप जीत पाते के नहीं? और आपका गेस कितना सटीक हैं| इसीलिए मेरा मानना हैं की यदि आपं मटके पे नये हैं तो १०-१५ दिन यहाँ खेले टाइम पास करे फिर असली मटके के मैदान पे असली पैसे के साथ उतरे|

Matka Gambling Result

Time Bazar
Madhur Day
Milan Day
Rajdhani Day
Madhur Night
Milan Night
Rajdhani Night
Main Mumbai

Time Bazar1:00pm2:00pm
Madhur Day1:10pm2:10pm
Milan Day3:00pm5:00pm
Rajdhani Day3:15pm5:15pm
Madhur Night8:35pm10:35pm
Milan Night9:10pm11:10pm
Rajdhani Night9:15pm11:55pm

Golden Matka Boss

Vino**** Won ₹90 in MLNO with ₹10 Bet at 11:42
Vino**** Won ₹90 in BMC with ₹10 Bet at 01:30
Vino**** Won ₹90 in MLNC with ₹10 Bet at 01:30
SHAF**** Won ₹1800 in BMC with ₹200 Bet at 10:01
Monu**** Won ₹450 in BMO with ₹50 Bet at 01:24
Monu**** Won ₹900 in MLNO with ₹100 Bet at 01:09
SHAF**** Won ₹1440 in KLC with ₹160 Bet at 02:31
Prin**** Won ₹450 in MLNC with ₹50 Bet at 02:30
SHAF**** Won ₹450 in KLO with ₹50 Bet at 10:57
SHAF**** Won ₹450 in MLNC with ₹50 Bet at 01:10

Golden Matka King

UserWin Amount
Jeth**** ₹ 7637
ADMI**** ₹ 2206
SHAF**** ₹ 1781
4 PAND**** ₹ 1555
5 Lall**** ₹ 1240

Game Rates

Single ANK1:9